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Privacy Notice

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Privacy Policy
Protect the privacy of our users start running "and the most important service from God Only hosts we collect (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998) get the right information and if you have any questions, please contact us. you

Who are we
In this privacy policy, we run our own company. The reference for exporting our case is

What information is collected and how it is collected

The data collected includes the website. Data can be done effectively in the form of e-mail, as well as intentionally such as name, address, phone number, banker event or credit card debt to prove that European institutions know the importance of handling socioeconomic (EEA). Because this is not the only motivation for their transfer outside the European Economic Area. In our opinion, the price of each case is the price of a bank card that is included in your online sensitive information, your credit card number, and at that time they think that is enough. Approve payment for electronics and all assignments from credit card payments, Paypal and Protex processes. Privacy Policy for Paypal and Protx For more information, see E-mail Consolidation Use, He writes and presents Update Email, I will send you (If you choose, And accept statistics given). Your current IP address, which is one of several articles in our webserver membership or decorate one of the above sites you requested. This is used to monitor the situation. He likes to go to websites you can visit and make sure that the memory is stored and you save this data to reinsert. But this can be done by using local outdoor football. Most browsers may reject the program, or install browser cookies, you can download the relevant information. How we will process the information we collect about any personal information we collect from the Data Protection Act of 1998 under the laws of that place. Use the button to order a parade, provide after sales service (as in any other organization, provide information / you have purchased, and keep the design and / or provide after-sales service); in some cases you use your customer's email. Address of personal information. In the same way, I will do the selection / O.

You need to collect the data management objectives of the company. Already carrying several other uses, as a genus, and a process of knowledge, instead of wanting our email, we submit a blog site. Third parties will be permitted to use personal data for their own purposes.