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Shipping & Returns

Note that in rare cases, due to large demand, orders can reach 14 working days to reach delivery time.

** Important: Orders from Monday to Thursday will be distributed the next day. Monday to 12:00 pm to receive orders. Two days from 00:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday after the order delivery time.

Until my order comes? What is the cost of mobile?

We offer a wide range of distribution options with the lowest economic cost premium, which provides delivery service at 10:00 am the next business day.

Which airlines offer my order?
Based on location selection, we use different operators.

Can my order be sent to someone else or place? Yes On the checkout page, you must enter your shipping address and additional billing options.

How do I know my order has been shipped?
Enter another e-mail to confirm when a confirmation e-mail and order has been sent when you place order.

What is your return policy? offers a 90 day return policy.

Payback is currently free because some research is in progress

These merchants may be refunded in the size of our business or refund, determined that the item was purchased within 90 days, and the goods returned to the original, you can contact the sale.

This means the product is not damaged, dirty or marked. Then try a new apartment and clean the carpet and make sure you are satisfied with the look and the appropriate outerwear. Also, make sure you remove the label or make sure you keep it as long as you do not sell the original packing.

How to return the goods?
Return original packing, including exchange confirmation documents or original order, ready to size or returned. Before the package period, you can print your order number on the invoice. Then you need to return your goods with the postal service you choose. If you choose to serve, make sure that you receive a receipt as proof of your return and save the size of the refund or exchange process until it is processed.

How much is my refund process?
For 28 days, after you return to the project, the size of the process or refund credited to your account. We will process your compensation as soon as possible.

If you have not received my goods before?
Make sure you receive a receipt as proof of compensation and remain safe to return or exchange the transaction size. If there is no revenue, the project is requested to refuse to release the lost return.

RECEIVED wrong or wrong
What should I do if I am wrong or problematic? First, if that happens, we are very sorry! If the wrong thing is communicated to you, please contact our customer service